Bitzy was only 9 months old when I became pregnant with Brother. That’s right. I had just lost my last few pounds of baby weight and I was feeling more like myself.

My Bitzy was sleeping through the night, I had figured out nursing, I was really feeling very comfortable with our sweet little family of three.

And then, those double lines hit yet again.

I was actually in a Target bathroom when I found out Brother was in my belly.

Classy, I know.

At the time, I really didn’t get what having babies only 18.5 months apart would mean. I didn’t understand the stress, messiness, and pure JOY it would be to watch them grow and become best friends.

All I knew in that Target bathroom was that I would get to have another baby. I would get to love and cherish another tiny little person. I was overjoyed to say the least…surprised yes, but still so excited.

And then Brother was born. My sweet, laidback, precious son.

At first it was tricky and very stressful if we’re going to be honest. But little by little, we worked together and got the hang of it.

And it’s not always easy. Now that they are 2 and 3, there’s lots and lots of fighting, arguing, hitting, wrestling, yelling and crying.

But there’s lotsa love too.

My babies are crazy over one another.

In fact, this afternoon my little Brother Bear was having a very difficult time obeying and Bitzy turned into a little Mama. It was really the first time that I’ve seen her in a “Big Sister” role. She took him by the arm and said, “You are not obeying Mommy. Don’t you know you’re going to get a consquence? You need to listen and stop being so wiggly woggliy!”

Then he replies, “O-TAY SISSY. SAWWRY MAMA. I GIVE YOU.”

She’s like a little miracle worker with him.

Later when he was in time-out (are you noticing a theme here with sweet Brother Bear?), she said, “I MISS MY BEST FRIEND. I DON’T LIKE PLAYING WITHOUT HIM. HE MAKES EVERYTHING SO MUCH FUN.”

I mean seriously people. Is that the sweetest thing ever?

I guess the best things in life are sometimes really hard and stressful…but then they give us the biggest rewards.

Hopefully when little Nonny is old enough to play they will all be in love.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

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