It certainly seems like the world has gone crazy, eh?

I’m sure that many generations (if not all) have said the same thing. But friends, it seems a wee bit crazier now? Malls, movie theaters, marathons aren’t safe. I mean, what’s next? It honest to goodness make me never want to leave the house.

But friends, here’s the GOOD NEWS. Regardless of how nutzo this world is, I have a Forever Hope. A Hope that makes the world a bit more bearable, despite the craziness.

You see, I know that this world is not my home. My home is in Heaven with Jesus.

Now before you click off this blog thinking I’m a coo-koo radical, please know that I am, in fact, a radical. Not so much the gun carrying kind, or the political kind, or even the kind that wants to sell off everything I own and live off the land kind.

The Jesus kind.

In fact, the more I learn about the character of Jesus, the more I realize that really and truly, nothing else matters but L-O-V-E.

In fact, we have a brand spanking new family motto.

It’s “Love Always Wins.”

Like, always.

This is, of course, very hard to live out on a day to day basis. For example, the other day a car was behind me and honked at me several times. There were clearly cars coming, so I couldn’t pull out. My first, second and third (3 honks) instinct was to become frustrated and angry, because “Hello lady, can’t you see that I can’t go anywhere!!!” But, I’m trying to retrain my brain to love, love, love, love, love no matter what. So, after huffing and puffing at her I took the time and energy to think it through. Here’s a glimpse into what my “old” and “new” brain would be thinking during this incident. (Take in mind that while this conversation with myself is going I’m singing The B-I-B-L-E to my babies in their carsets while driving).

Old Molly: “I mean seriously lady, can’t you see that I can’t go. What’s your problem?!”

New Molly: “Deep Breath. I wonder what her day has been like to make her be in such a hurry? I hope that everything is okay.”

Old Molly: “Why does she think her time is more valuable than mine? I bet she doesn’t have a newborn screaming to the top of her lungs in her car like I do in mine. Freaking relax lady!”

New Molly: “Lord,  please surround her today with your LOVE and let her feel your presence all day long moving in her most tedious tasks.”

See? It’s quite a retraining isn’t? This is going on all day long in my head. From the most mundane task to the most challenging.

The hardest part? Loving those darn enemies. No silly, not the lady behind me in line is hardly my enemy. I’m talking about those pesky bombers in Boston. And the abortionist that murdered hundreds, if not thousands, of babies and did unspeakable acts to the innocent and the madmen that go into schools and kill children.

Yup, I count them my enemies.

That retraining is the hardest. But the bottom line is that God calls us to LOVE. Not just the easy to love, but even those who cause the worst sort of heartbreak.

I’m trying to imagine a life where I judge no one and love everyone. No blame, no negativity, no harsh words or attitudes, only LOVE.

Granted, I know that this is impossible. I am very far from perfect, but gosh darnit, I wanna try. I really do.

More than my retraining, I want to instill this forever love into my babies. I want their instinct to be love. Always to love.

So friend, maybe just for a minute, give it a shot. Rather than focusing on the negative, give that person the benefit of the doubt and LOVE.

There is plenty of hate friends. Let us love one another, because HE (the King of Kings and Lord of Lords) knows that loving first makes us better and more importantly, points people to the ultimate LOVE, Jesus.

Try it.

I dare you.


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