New life is an amazing thing.

It offers fresh perspective and an appreciation of the miracle of life.

You see, my Nonny? She saved me from the misery of pregnancy and plunged me into wonderfulness of newborn baby bliss and has completely stolen my heart.

In fact, I’m completely enamored with her. So much so that I am finding it very difficult to put her down.

Like, ever.

Which is a good thing since she’s VERY addicted to me too.

Today Bitzy was at her Lolly’s, Brother was napping and I was snuggled with my new little lady. For the first time in a few hours I laid her down for a few minutes to change the laundry and do a few other chores. These things took me about 15 minutes to complete.

After those things I really could have mopped my floors, dusted, ebayed or done a bunch of other things, but I’m telling ya’ll, it’s like the child has a magnet attached to her. I seriously missed holding her and couldn’t stand to not hold her for one more minute!

As you can imagine when Bitzy and Brother are awake, it’s ummmm….how you say? Loud and crazy chaos. There’s lots of “MINE!” “NO!” “BOOK!” “MELMO!” “OUCH, BOO, HE HIT ME!”

You get the picture.

So, when I’m holding my baby, it’s more like protecting her from an overly enthusiastic 3 year old Bitzy who is in love with her new baby sister and would paw her to death if I’d let her. And Brother has a new hobby: Hitting, throwing books, toys, and even himself as he plunges himself on ground in utter despair. Apparently being 22 months old is like being on a roller coaster.

It’s like I’m in a zone defense with my tiny little fragile baby while these two little maniacs run circles around me needing everything from water to snacks to dresses to books to fixing.

Now that I’m 7 weeks in, I’ve dealt with double mastitis and a serious kidney infection that sent me to the ER and now, finally, finally, finally I’m feeling good and more like myself.

I’ve had an enormous amount of help from my Mama and Lolly (Zach’s mom), making our transition much easier. In fact, all of their help has allowed me to really appreciate my newest miracle.

To really revel in her ya know? To study her face. To notice how the little tiny dots on her nose change everyday.

And to appreciate this little life that God has entrusted to Zach and I.

And most of all to remember that in a heartbeat this tiny little thing will be a big girl that’s twirling around the living room like her big sissy.

Time just goes by too fast, ya know?

So for today, in this moment, I’m gonna soak every single bit of my sweetheart in.

Spit up, blowouts and all.

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