Save {part 11}.

Well kiddos, it’s over. Christmas has come and gone. Our Saviors birth has been celebrated and now we’re left with WINTER.

The most dreaded time of the year (for me anyway).

And just think, now that the candles are blown out, the wrapping paper dumped and the last piece of fudge is consumed those blasted credit card bills will begin rolling in.

This is the perfect time for you to begin saving money at the grocery store. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, if you are paying full price for groceries you are a crazy person.

However, I get why you don’t. Couponing can be confusing and time consuming. You are already overwhelmed and you really just don’t have the time, right? Does this sound familiar?

So, here’s my solution for you “I’m too busy and I just can’t do it” folks.

Price Matching.

In this installment of my little stories I’m going to give you an example of a shopping trip where I only used 2 coupons (I saved $1.55) and the rest of my items were either on sale or I price matched. You’ll see how you can save big without dealing with coupons.

I was doing a whole bunch of Christmas baking, so I had to get lots of items that I normally do not get. I had to really scour the newspaper ads to find these matches and I found some really great deals!

Clearly, I love coupons and I recommend using them whenever possible, but I understand that sometimes price matching is the best we can do.

So here’s the list straight from my receipt:

5.61lbs of Fugi Apples- WalMart Price- $1.57lb   Price Match: $.99lb (I would have paid $8.81. I actually paid $5.51. I saved $3.30!)

8lbs of Bananas- WalMart Price- $.52lb Price Match: $.44lb

5lbs of Green Grapes- Walmart Price: $2.98lb Price Match: $.99lb (I would have paid $14.09. I actually paid $4.70. I saved almost $10!)

5lbs of Grapefruits- Walmart Price: $3.78 (Sadly, I couldn’t find a match! Boohoo. Paying full price makes me itchy).

Organic Buddy Fruit Packets- Walmart Price: $3.48 (Again, no match).

Quaker Oatmeal- Walmart Price: $3.98 Price Match: $2.50

Jet Puffed Marshmellows- Walmart Price $1.98 Price Match: $.99

2 Bags Nestle Chocolate Chips- Walmart Price: $2.48 Price Match: $1.68each

4 Packages of Great Value (Walmart Brand) Cream Cheese- Walmart Price: $1.98 Price Match: $.78each

2 Bags of Kraft Shredded Cheese- Walmart Price: $2.48 Price Match: $1.48each

Great Value Cube Cheese- Walmart Price: $1.98 Price Match: $.99each

3 Great Value Salted Butter (4 pack)- Walmart Price: $2.98 Price Match: $1.69

3 Nestle Peppermint Mocha 32 oz. Coffee Creamer (my one true vice)- Walmart Price: $3.49 Price Match: $2.50

2 Packs of Gwaltney Bacon- Walmart Price: $3.98 Price Match: $3.00

8 Boxes of Rachel Ray Oatmeal- Walmart Price: $2.00 per box (Sadly, no match to be found).

2 Loaves of Bunny Bread- Walmart Price: $1.98 apiece Price Match: $1.00 each

4 Bags of Great Value Pretzels- Walmart Price: $1.98 apeice Price Match: $.99 each

3 Packages of Great Value Taco Seasoning Mix- Walmart Price: $.44 each (No match).

Organic Sunflower Seeds- Walmart Price: $2.98 (No match).

5 Jars of Natural Peter Pan Peanut Butter- Walmart Price: $2.58 each Price Match: $1.88

2 5lb. Bags of Great Value Sugar- Walmart Price: $2.98each Price Match: $1.48

Magic Tape 3pk- Walmart Price: $3.00 (No match).

2 Bags Equate Cough Drops: Walmart Price: $1.98 Price Match: $.67 each

Great Value Organic Milk Gallon: $6.28 (So sad to say, No match. This one is a killer for me).

Scott Paper Towels 6pack: Walmart Price: $5.99 Price Match: $3.99

Natural ALL Laundry Detergenet: Walmart Price: $4.98 Price Match $2.99

Maxwell House Coffee: Walmart Price: $7.99 Price Match $5.99

5.38LB of Chicken: Walmart Price $2.48LB Price Match: $1.48LB

7.5LB Ground Beef: Walmart Price $3.39LB  Price Match $1.99LB

4 Packages of Chicken Drumsticks: Walmart Price $.99LB Price Match $.66LB

3.1LB Rump Roast: Walmart Price $3.97LB Price Match: $2.48LB (This would have been $12.66 before match. After match it was $7.91! I saved almost $5!)

Retail total before tax would have been: $230.73.

After Price Matching and 2 coupons my total before tax was….drumroll please…$148.18

I saved $82.55 by simply telling the cashier what my price match was. No sale papers, no drama and no sweat. Easy peasy. To put simply, if you were behind me in line and got exactly what I had in my cart with no price matches, you would pay $83 MORE dollars than I did.

Isn’t that CRAZY?!

So friends, please oh please, try it. Just once…just for fun. If you save $80 every time you go to the store and you go once a week, that means you could save $360 PER MONTH. No coupons needed…well that is unless you want to save even more.

Jump on the train friends….

(If you need more information on Price Matching and how to do it, please go to the “Little Savings” portion of my blog and start reading!).



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