Today while my 3 year old Bitzy was jamming to the music and story time at our AWESOME library, my 2 year old Brother was having a 100% epic meltdown as I was nursing my 4 month old Nonny in the Ergo carrier. During this “event” I noticed a few things as I was literally holding Brothers mouth closed and loudly whispering in his ear to “RELAX” while trying to hush the baby who was also crying.

Here are my observations that I noted through the sweat drops that were literally pouring down my face:

1. Mamas with one child stared at me like I was a crazy, sweaty, insane, mean mommy who could not control her children.
2. Mamas with two children stared at me with a bit of pity but still looked at me like I was insane and who could not control her children.
3. Mamas with three children stared at me with a “Carry On, Warrior” fist bump.
4. Mamas with four of children or more didn’t even notice.

And yet again, I am encouraged to always, always, always help, encourage and LOVE mommies of all children and give them a solid high five no matter what.

This Mama stuff is not for the weak.

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2 Responses to “Spectacle.”

  1. Katy Says:

    HI ya Molly! This is Katy from back in the D-groups days of Southeast : ) I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, but never commented – today is finally the day!! My husband and I live in Spokane which is why you see the Spokane, Wa. on your live traffic feed.

    First of all, I’ve found encouragement in your adventures – so thanks for the digital ‘high five!’ Even though I fall in the one child category, I try to be understanding when I see Mamas having tough moments with their kiddos, because I always think, “That could be me!”

    Second, I love my Ergo, but I had no idea one could breastfeed in it! I’ll have to research that for baby #2 in the future, Lord willing.

  2. Molly Says:

    Hi Katy!!!!
    Thanks for the comment:). I love them and read every single one!

    It’s super easy to BF in the Ergo. That’s what the hood is for. Totally try it!

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