WeightLoss {baby #3}.

So, baby Nonny is now a year old. It just seems amazing to me. I’m not feeling quite as overwhelmed these days, so it’s a fine time to lose this silly baby weight once and for all.

Sure, I’m late(r) to the party this go around than I was with Bitzy and Brother, but everything these days seems to be moving a bit slower. My brain specifically, but that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah.

I have beat myself every day that I haven’t lost this weight yet. I was back to pre-baby weight with Bitzy when she was 8 months old and back with Brother when he was only 6 months old. But alas, here I sit with 16 extra pounds crowding up my favorite blue jeans wondering what is standing in my way.

Nothing! It’s time to take it off once and for all.

These past several months I have just been overwhelmed and haven’t had the gumpton to take it off. Yup, I think having 3 kids in 3 years has put me at my maximum capacity for exhaustion, stress and hormonal imbalances! Bring on the peach rings!!!…I know that there are women much wiser and more capable than me who have children every 12 months and never get stressed, always look fresh and fabulous, are fit and trim and will not rest until they have a quiver full of 20 children.

I am slow clapping for you all. Seriously, I am. But me? I’ve spent the last year in XL yoga pants dreaming of peach rings with orange slice candy on top…oh, and I full night sleep of course.

Ya know another time that I eat? When I’m deliriously happy! I’m enjoying my little people so very much. They are really and truly my best little buddies. I often feel like a Mama duck with my 3 little ducklings following close behind everything I do and everywhere I go.They are delightful companions mostly. Sure we have hard days, but more often than not they are my JOY.

So let’s review…I eat when I’m tired, happy, stressed, emotional, joyful, overly hungry…so basically all the time I want to eat.

I’m glad we settled that.

But now, it’s time friends. It’s so time.

As you may remember I love Weight Watchers. It has worked for me time and time again. I think it’s wonderful and if you have any extra money in your budget I completely recommend it. However, if you are cheap like me, consider My Fitness Pal. It is free and counts your calories. It’s easy and did I mention free?

For me, counting calories and counting points are the same thing, they are both tools to help keep you aware of what you are putting in your mouth! If you are like me you don’t feel like you eat much, but then when you go back and count you’re eating much more than you should! My Fitness Pal is helping me to count calories to help me fit back into my awesome clothes that I haven’t been able to wear since I got pregnant with Nonny!

So, at the beginning of January, we bought a used treadmill and Zach and I signed up for My Fitness Pal. Since that day, Zach has lost nearly 17 pounds and I have lost 11 pounds. Not bad for one month! I still have 16 pounds to lose before I’m at pre-baby weight, but I’d really like to lose at least 20.

In some ways 16 pounds feels like nothing! But in reality I know that every single pound is a victory.

Do you have weight you want to lose? Care to join me? Let me know where you are where you want to go. I’d love to use this space to encourage one another.

In the meantime I’m going to stay away from the can of icing calling my name from the pantry.

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