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Prof. Dr. Nathalie AlbertFemale Stories: Visibility & Networking

Prof. Dr. Nathalie Albert is the youngest female professor for Nuclear Medicine in Germany. She is an advocate for equal rights for women and men in medicine. Born in Cologne with Indonesian roots she encourages women to pursue their careers in science, regardless of all clichés. She has made it her mission to encourage all female and male scientists - regardless of gender - to ally with each other instead of working against each other. Nathalie Albert is a fan of networking, after-hours drinks and repdigits. Shortly before the birth of her second child in 2020 she was appointed as an adjunct professor at LMU Munich. In addition to her work in research and medicine, she also sees it as one of her tasks to mentor young female and male physicians.

Female Stories: "We are always looking for people who have something to say, stories to tell, from which others can learn, benefit and feel fully inspired. In particular, we support women here because we ourselves have found how important and empowering "Sisterhood" is.
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