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Baglioni Hotels & ResortsPR Representatives D-A-CH

Baglioni Hotels & Resorts stand for elegance, privacy and Italian hospitality. Currently, the collection includes four city hotels: three in the heart of the Italian art cities of Florence, Venice and Rome and one in the elegant center of Kensington in London. With resorts in Punta Ala in Tuscany, on the island of Maagau in the Maldives, and Baglioni Resort Sardinia, north of San Teodoro, which opened just last year, the hotel group invites guests to take time out at some of the world's most sought-after seaside resorts. This year, the portfolio is enriched by two more properties, namely Baglioni Masseria Muzza in Puglia and Casa Baglioni in Milan.


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Tourism & Events QueenslandCreative Storytelling & Support Press Office

Queensland, Australia's second largest state, is located in the northeast of the country and makes up 4.8 times the size of Germany. Its two most important cities, the cosmopolitan capital Brisbane and Cairns in the tropical north, represent Queensland's gateways to the world and make the state easy to reach from Germany. With more than 260 days of sunshine a year, Queensland is rightly so called the "Sunshine State": an ideal destination for outdoor fans who want to enjoy the subtropical climate with a dry season (June to October) and rainy season (October to May).


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Nordic Wool FactoryPR Representatives D-A-CH

What began as a project of the heart has grown into a successful enterprise within a very short time. The red thread followed is chocolate brown, light gray, midnight black, creamy white. In any case, natural; and everything revolves around sheep's wool, woven cloth and quality clothing. Not just any kind of wool is being used, but a special one - probably the most weatherproof wool in the world. A 100 percent nature and nordic feeling to slip into. Zero synthetics, zero plastics. Jacket, hoodie, raincoat, comforter, sweater, cozy blanket, vest. Beautiful things made of wool, made to last. Fair and sustainably made in Germany. With love and respect for sheep, shepherds, landscapes, craft knowledge, tailor art and of course for the customers.

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Grotkop Collection PR Representatives D-A-CH

Behind the label Grotkop Collection stands Nadine Huthmann from Lüneburg. Her love of traditional craftsmanship and her foresight in terms of sustainability have already awakened the enthusiasm for the raw material wool felt in her many years ago.
Her credo: choose materials carefully. Pure merino wool - sometimes with an additional core of silk - is used for Grotkop Collection's hand-felted collection pieces. The North German designer originally developed the manufacturing process to make it suitable for industrial machines. It allows felt to be given a pattern, making it viable for the modern fashion world.