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I have worked with Karolin for many years in different markets for the watch and jewellery house Chopard. She represented the Maison in a very professional, enthusiastic, and authentic way. She has always shown great commitment to the brand and dedication to the projects she was involved in. She definitely is a natural born PR, with a great sense of contact, and I can only highly recommend her for communcation missions and positions.
Celine Wackie-Eysten, International Communications Director

I have been working with Tine for several years as PR project manager for Destination Gstaad. Her uncomplicated and professional manner creates a very pleasant working atmosphere. Her texts arouse emotions, radiate a pleasant feeling and fit wonderfully into our tourism world.
Antje Buchs, former project manager now hotel director

In Tine, we have found a copywriter we can rely on at all times. She asks the right questions at the briefing stage and usually sends the texts back before the deadline. She has already conducted several interviews for us, which she then turned into an exciting and emotional blog post. Whether it was with our travel consultants or travel partners, communication was flawless and prompt. So far, we have used her skills primarily in the area of sustainability. We look forward to many more great texts that touch our customers
Franziska Domann, Project Manager Marketing

I really appreciate the uncomplicated and high-quality collaboration with Tine Bielecki. She has a good feel for the target groups of the texts and therefore writes accurately, effectively and knowledgeably.
Daniela Kleck , agency owner

With Little Stories Everywhere, I feel well advised when it comes to PR and communication. Karolin's network and her feel for the industry are a great asset to my work. Amazingly, Tine always manages to find the right words, regardless of the industry. That convinced me right from the start. The collaboration with Karolin and Tine is also very valuable for me in this context, because we understand each other, as mothers of very young children we have to act very flexibly and spontaneously and have the same great passion for our professions.
Nadine Huthmann, designer

Working closely with Karolin for several years within Luxury Hotel PR I have come to know her as a natural born PR and well-versed communicator. She brings an effortless kind of efficiency, calmness and outstanding people skills to any job, no matter how big the challenge. Karolin never loses sight of the big picture and is both a pleasure and an asset to have around at any event.
Ella Grigorovici, Travel Expert