Save {Part 15}.


Bitzy Age 6, Brother Age 4, Nonny Age 2 and LuLu 8 Months

Hello my beautiful friends! Life is good here, I sure hope everyone is doing well!!!

Despite my absence from blogging I am still a saving maniac. Maybe even now more so than ever. The mere thought of paying full price for anything makes me itchy.

One thing I’ve never touched on is how to use couponing as a ministry. I have so many people who are skeptical of couponing or say I am a “hoarder” for buying so much in bulk. Do I need 100 toothbrushes? No. Does someone somewhere? Oh yes. 

I am not writing this to tell you how amazing I am or how generous. I am, however, writing to tell you how you too can use couponing for good and to serve people in a very tangible way.

Our family has literally donated thousands of dollars in hygiene products and food to various ministries over the past 4 years since I have been couponing. Yes, it takes time and work but the reward is amazing.

Here’s a very small example. Regardless of how you feel about the refugees from Syria, they are coming whether you like it or not. This small box will go to the Kentucky Refugee Ministry to serve those who literally have nothing. It’s not much, but hopefully it will bless a family. We have already committed to giving another ministry, Mom’s Closet, a ministry to single mothers in our city, a large donation of hygiene products, or this box would be much bigger!



Also notice the toys. We explained to our children that there are people from Africa coming here to Kentucky who have nothing. Literally nothing. I asked them to look through their toys and donate to these children and then we all colored pictures together for them. It was a very simple thing for our family to do, but it will (hopefully) mean a lot to the refugees.

Everything you see in the picture (except the toys) was purchased with coupons/price matching and was either free or very close to free. The reason we are able to be generous is due to the blessing of couponing.

And guess what? YOU CAN DO THIS TOO. Imagine if every middle class household in America couponed and donated items to food banks ministries every year. Can you imagine the ripple effect?

I have written step by step guides to help you learn the process of saving money. If you feel lost, please ask! I will help!

Here’s the link to my “Little Savings” tab. Start with “Save {part 1}” and work your way up. You can do this!!!! Not just for you, but to help others. It is truly better to give than to receive!




08 baby nelson 3745 bw

Time is a tricky thing. It goes so, so fast, but yet, incredibly slow too. I have no understanding of this mystery.

Perhaps one of life’s great secrets is how to enjoy life, rather than to just endure it.

I’ve been ruminating on this for awhile now. How can I soak up these precious moments with my sweet ones when so many of the moments are incredibly challenging? It’s hard to savor the moments when I’ve got one child throwing a tantrum, one crying over a toy, one wants to be held, one is hungry, etc.

It can go from zero to sixty in a flash. It’s “high highs and low lows” around these parts.

But I know myself well, friends. Twenty years from now I will not remember the hard moments, only the sweet ones. I am determined to enjoy and endure joyfully.

I will remember these beautiful days spent in my yoga pants while never, ever doing actual yoga.

I will remember the way LuLu wakes up smiling with her tiny dimple on her left cheek peeking out.

I will remember the way Brother runs from the chair to the refrigerator at full speed yelling, “Hooya!”

I will remember the way Bitzy lowers her eyes and bats them for “one more book” every single night.

I will remember the way Nonny always has a song in her heart. She is always dancing and singing. Always.

I will remember the shouts of laughter as they jump on their daddy and wrestle before bed every night.

I will remember these moments, these simple precious moments- forever. 

Speaking of precious moments, my friend Julie Brock of Julie Brock Photography took these priceless pictures of my newest love, LuLu.

I will treasure them forever. Thank you Julie for helping me savor. 

20 baby nelson 3794

02 baby nelson 3739

15 baby nelson 3776 bw

21 baby nelson 3711 bw

Let us all stop and savor our beautiful lives today friends. There is always something to be thankful for. 


Conversations {part 11}


Today was a hard day.

Yes, there were some beautifully bright spots full with snuggles, “I love you’s” and warm fuzzies. But in the midst of the sweetness there was a certain 3 year old little boy that was determined to push every single one of my buttons. Every.Last.One.

My sweet precious Brother bear is quite the button pusher these days. The child wants for nothing. I hug, kiss, squeeze, read to, play and love that child every day. It isn’t an attention issue. The only thing I can figure is that he’s testing me. Because he does not push his daddy the way he pushes me.

So today, he pushed. And pushed. And pushed some more.

And well, I pushed back. I will not have the disrespectful, non-listening, ignoring your Mama stuff. I will not have it. This resulted in several time-outs, bikes being in time-outs, happy heart chair, talks, fussing and general discord between us (which I hate).


Finally, after a good supper and a nice chat with Daddy my little guy was back to his sweet self. In the midst of all of his discipline was my Nonny (2 years old) who felt it necessary to cry all day long. So that was super fun.

So that leaves Bitzy (5) and LuLu (2 months), who were both lovely and well behaved today.

During the witching hour (4:00-5:00) when I’m trying to rally everyone inside from playing outside, cook dinner, make sure no one gets burned, entertain them, and try to keep them out of the pantry, etc., it gets pretty wild.


So as I’m cooking I’m holding LuLu, feeding Nonny chicken while she yells (MO MEAT MAMA!), helping Bitzy with a workbook and making sure Brother doesn’t climb up on the roof and jump off…this happened.

Bitzy: “Mama? Is it hard being a Mommy?”

Me: “Hmmm…why would you ask?”

Bitzy: “Well, it looks hard. Brother has been getting in trouble all day with his TERRIBLE LISTENING, Nonny has cried a lot and that itsy baby has been spitting up all over you too! Good thing I’m such a good girl!”

Me: “I suppose it can be hard. But, ya know what? I would rather be your Mama than anything in the world. It’s the very best job on the planet. I would rather be a Mama than a rockstar or the President or a cashier or an astronaut or a writer or a scuba diver…”

Bitzy: “NO! There is no way you’d rather be a Mama than a scuba diver. Just no way ever in the world! Being a scuba diver would be amazing.”

Me: “No, it’s true. I pick being a Mama. And guess what else? I would pick being your Mama over being a dancer at Tweetsie Railroad!”

Bitzy: (gasp) “REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

Me: “Yes, it’s true. Being your Mama is my favorite thing ever.”

Bitzy: “Even though Brother got in trouble all day because HE NEVER LISTENS!”

Brother: “I do listen! What are you guys talking about anyway? About how we’re blessings again? Thanks but I’ve got some work to do in the basement being a super hero. Catch ya later.”

So, yes friends, today was hard. But, just like every other day, it’s so sweet. So good and so worth it.

Keep fighting the good fight with me friends.


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