Brother and I at 10 Days Old. 

I recently had an almost (37 weeks) Mommy ask me how to prepare her heart for the upcoming birth of her child.

I looked deep into her glistening eyes and imparted my great wisdom…

“You can’t,” I said.

Because, well, you can’t.

How can you prepare for something so heart wrenching, beautiful, amazing and all encompassing?

How can your head tell your heart what is about to happen? How can you ever, in a million years, describe the beauty of having a child? Whether this child comes biologically or through adoption, there is just no explaining the LOVE.


Bitzy at 2 Weeks Old. 

There is also no way of describing the intense exhaustion, thankfulness, worry and wonder that a new baby brings.

I know this is no help at all new mommies. None.

My tiny, itsy, bitty bit of wisdom is…

Be Present. 

Soak it in. 

Relish it. 

Remember it. 

Give Thanks. 


Zach and Nonny at 1 Day Old. 

I have enjoyed and memorized thousands of tiny moments and I treasure them in my heart. I have put the phone down, rocked, sang, listened and loved my babies. And I will continue to.

Yes, there are certainly times that get “intense” as they say. Yes, it is stressful. Yes, it is hard. But boy oh boy do the sweet moments outweigh the hard ones.

So for you first time mommies, I am FOR you. I am your cheerleader.

Remember, there is no right way to love your baby. Just love them. Regardless of how you carry them, swaddle them, feed them and how they sleep at night, just LOVE them. Love them so much that when they are 40 years old and feeling lonely, they will always know how very much their Mama loved them. You have that power. Only you. You are the only Mama they have. So, love them. Forever.


And I promise you, they will love you right back.





Photography Credits:

Tammy Young Photography

Kathlyn Parrott Photography

Lee-Anne Fenwick Photography 




Ah, Parenthood.

You have never disappointed me. Not even once. 

Even when Amber wore unfortunate black lipstick…or when Max had the awful scene in the car with his parents when I literally thought someone would have to admit me to the crazy house for emotional distress…or when Drews girlfriend had an abortion…or the video scene where Kristina said goodbye to her children…or when Crosby learned he was a Daddy for the first time.

I mean, Parenthood, you have never failed me.

Why now? How can you be over???

My other lifelong love shows, Greys Anatomy, Felicity, Alias, Friday Night Lights and The Office have taking strange turns here and there that have left me with doubts and (gasp) at times feeling that maybe, just maybe it’s just a television show.

But not, Parenthood.

By golly, the Bravermans are real. Like, real life, real.

And I love them. And they love me.

Are you even kidding me with tonights episode?

I was sobbing, like SOBBING, sobbing. I was in the fetal position on the couch and truly needed to be swaddled and put in a crib.

It just can’t be over. Can’t!

But, I never thought I would get over the ending of Friday Night Lights..and then Parenthood happened and alas, I survived.

So, here is my siren call to all you movie maker people in magic land. You best knit my heart back together again and make another show of the caliber as Friday Night Lights and Parenthood.

It’s the only way.

Until then, Braverman forever!

And if you haven’t watched it, I beg you, watch. On Friday night at 8:00pm get in your jammies and turn on Season 1, Episode 1 on Netflix and BINGE watch. Watch and love. You won’t regret it.




Is it weird that it feels weird to be back in this space again?

To be writing, I mean.

It occurred to me today that I haven’y written here in forever and I’m not currently singing anywhere consistency either. The two creative outlets I’ve always had have taken a seat firmly on the back burner.

The real truth friends is that life with these 3 tiny humans is all consuming. Not in a bad way of course…in a great way, but all consuming the same.

And…as I feel the kicks a new little baby GIRL wrestling inside of me and insisting that she not be forgotten we have a new baby love coming in March.

Yes, in case you’re keeping count that makes 4 babies in 5 years for Zach and I. Let me sum up your questions for you…

1. Are we crazy?

2. Do we know what causes pregnancy?

3. Is our cable out?

The truth is, we are nervously excited about our new venture as a family of 6! But overall we feel very thankful for the opportunity to be parents to these extraordinary little humans. No really, I mean it. It’s kind of like getting older, there are complications to becoming older and more “mature” but the blessings and privileges of aging far outweigh the negative.

What I mean is, sure having lots of tiny children is work…lots and lots of work, but the rewards are greater than the thoughts of not having these precious souls. We feel really lucky and blessed for sure.

So there you have it. I hope to write a little most days. I am super happy to be back with you. And don’t worry, for all of you who are desperate to save money…I’m working on more tips for you.


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